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Special Feature: Will Joe Biden Run In 2012?

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Joe Biden 2012Everyone is dying to know… WILL Joe Biden be Obama’s #2 in 2012? It’s hard to imagine President Obama without his affable sidekick. He’s the sort of friendly guy you can send anywhere — be it a manufacturing plant in Indiana, the corn fields of Iowa, a Florida golf course, or a diner in the Bronx. In his early vice presidency, Joe Biden assumed the role of “Enforcer” for the Stimulus package and “Cheerleader” for the Stimulus success stories. Essentially, he needed to help sell the largest spending bill in history.

Later, Biden took over as unofficial “Ambassador.” If Dick Cheney of the Wild West wasn’t tough enough to haul in Osama Bin Laden, the next best candidate is certainly Joe The Biden, who was originally chosen for his foreign policy smarts and has since become Obama’s right hand man in the Middle East. While in office, Biden has traveled to Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq multiple times. In fact, he went to Iraq nearly every two months throughout 2009, often meeting with al-Maliki to discuss Iraq’s future.

Perhaps the Vice President’s most critical role is “Arbiter.” He is the guy you want sitting in the room during critical partisan disagreements. His ability to shoot straight and talk plain appeals to both Democrats and Republicans. He was instrumental in convincing Arlen Spector to turncoat to the Democratic party, he dealt with disputes between Obama’s “Team of Rivals,” he successfully garnered support for the controversial START treaty, he worked with the GOP’s Mitch McConnell to hash out a temporary extension of the Bush tax cuts, he sold the Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 to reluctant Democrats in Congress, and led sensitive debt ceiling negotiations with key Republicans. Even though Eric Cantor stormed out of the talks, John Boehner later admitted they were “working on a deal” based on that meeting. To be clear: Joe Biden is the golden ticket.

Yet, still, the rumors persist that Joe Biden might not be campaigning in 2012…

Why Would Obama Ditch Joe?

It’s hard to imagine why Obama would want anyone else, especially now that he and Joe have such a history together. However, it’s entirely possible that Joe Biden enjoyed his moment in the sun and is now looking for more time with his sweet wife, Jill, and the grandkids. Perhaps he’s ready to pass the political torch on to his son, Beau Biden, who has been patiently waiting in the wings before making any bold moves to leave his post as Attorney General of Delaware and join Congress. Then there is the sensitive issue: Joe Biden is OLD! He’s tough as nails, much like Cheney, after narrowly surviving an intracranial berry aneurysm and a pulmonary embolism back in 1988. Yet, if he runs, he will be the second-oldest VP in history to take office.

Fast Facts:

  • The oldest vice president at inauguration was Alben Barkley, our nation’s 35th who ran alongside Truman. He was 71 years and 57 days at the time. He lived to see the end of his term — and three years more.
  • The second-oldest was Charles Curtis, the nation’s 31st VP under Herbert Hoover, who was 69 years and 38 days old. The good news is he lived to finish out his term and, in fact, lived to be 76.
  • On the other hand, the third-oldest VP, Elbridge Gerry, was 68 years and 230 days — and he died after a little over 8 months in office.

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Who Might Obama Pick In 2012?

What Is The Most Likely Outcome?

Even though respected political writer Bob Woodward suggests that a Biden-Clinton swap is on the table for 2012, it’s most likely we’ll see another Obama-Biden ticket. The Vice President has spoken publicly on more than one occasion, saying that it’s “self evident,” based on conversations around the West Wing that Biden will be running again. “If you look back in the campaign, the two people who agreed most ideologically on matters were he and I,” Biden is quoted as saying. “We’re almost exactly in the same place, so I knew that part would work. But I tell you what, there’s real trust, that’s why he’s asked me to run again.”

What Do YOU Think?

Will Joe Biden remain Obama’s running-mate in 2012?


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