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Where’s Joe Biden Been Hidin?

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The question is not “What has Joe The Biden been up to this month,” but “What hasn’t Joe The Biden been up to this month?” This Dynamo has been all over every issue in his hands-on vice presidency. He’s no John Adams, that’s for sure! Check out this article for headline highlights, links, pictures, videos and analysis on the Vice President of the United States.

Headline Highlights…

8/30: VP Joe Biden says Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal would eliminate Medicare in 10 years

According to PolitiFact, the Vice President mostly speaks the truth, but he was caught in a flat-out lie when he claimed Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal will “eliminate” Medicare.

9/1: West Wing Week: Dispatches From Asia

According to “In between meeting with world leaders and speaking with locals, the Vice President took in the sights, sounds and culture of the far east. Join the Vice President as he opens new channels of communication with China, gets to know Mongolian leaders and culture at a traditional Naadam festival and visits Japanese communities recovering from the March earthquake and tsunami before speaking to US troops in Tokyo and Hawaii.” Apparently, while he was there, he caused quite a stir – making one family-owned restaurant in Beijing (popular for its pig intestine soup) a hit sensation.

9/6: Joe Biden Keeps Encouraging the ‘Onion’ Side of Himself

Joe tells The Onion to “get it right!” The VEEP is not a Trans Am sort of guy at all. “You think I’d drive a Trans Am?” he asked. “I have been in my bathing suit in my driveway and not only washed my Goodwood-green 1967 Corvette but also simonized it.  At least the Onion should have had me washing a Trans Am convertible. I love convertibles.”

9/7: Vice President Biden Pays Respects at USS Arizona Memorial

Biden visited the USS Arizona Memorial in Hawaii on the 70th anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor and reflected upon the tragedy that took the lives of 1,177 Americans.

9/9: What John Boehner and Joe Biden Privately Talk About: Golf

“We got a heck of a lot of work,” Biden mentions before John Boehner begins telling him about “the round of the decade” he just played on the golf course. Watch the video… it’s some seriously funny banter between The Sheriff and “The Barbarian!”

9/11: VP talks 9/11 at Flight 93 Monument

For 9/11, Biden naturally went down to the memorial opening at Ground Zero. He also took a minute to talk with CNN’s John King about his September 10th visit to the Flight 93 memorial, where he said most people don’t realize that people were “literally vaporized” and “body parts strewn” in this field.

Also, it should be duly noted that his tone was a far cry from the fierce battles against Former President Bush during the election cycle. Biden gave a few props to W, admitting, “You can appreciate – that’s why I said of President Bush today, I mean, imagine being president, having that news given to you and having to react and trying to compute all this and figure exactly where to go.  I mean, and I thought the way he handled events from that moment until we took down the Taliban was – was textbook.” Hear his official speech here.

9/12: Man arrested at Honolulu airport over threat to VP

A crazed lunatic’s plot to attack VP Biden was foiled. Justin Alan Woodward believes he is a Manchurian Candidate programmed (by VP Biden) to kill the President. He allegedly wrote threatening messages to the VEEP’s website, ranting: “Biden … you tried to get me to kill Obama in my home town of El Dorado Kansas. I will kill you myself.” He was apparently on his way to Hawaii to “get rid of enemy agents.”

9/13: Basescu’s official US visit takes bilateral relationship into new stage

Romanian President, Traian Basescu, met with VP Biden in the Roosevelt Room and agreed to enter into new bilateral relations with the US by installing the US ballistic missile defense system in his country.

9/13: 17 Years After Violence Against Women Act, VP Calls on New Generation to Take Action

What if your sister was raped? Joe Biden calls on youths to erase this flaw on the fabric of society, saying: “I’ll bet every single one of you knows somebody who have been or is being abused. And so, there’s somebody who needs help.  They need our help.  They are young women in high schools, on campuses.  And we’ve got to do a lot more than we’ve been doing.”

9/14: Campaign to Cut Waste in Action: $2 Billion Saved

After being called on to enforce Stimulus spending, Joe Biden is now in charge of cutting waste out of the government’s coffers. Currently, they’ve set their sights on programs like Medicaid, unemployment, and the Department of Homeland Security.

9/15: Obama, Biden Pitch Jobs Plan to Donors in Flurry of Fundraisers

Obama headlined two fundraising events at private residences in Washington, while Biden stumped at separate events in Raleigh and Dallas. Sixty donors paid $5,000 to have breakfast with the Vice President. (That’s a LOT of bacon and eggs!) “All we want to do is get this vicious cycle and turn it into a virtuous cycle,” he told the group.

9/16: Biden Offers Advice As He Tours Flooded PA Town

If you’ve ever suspected that Joe wasn’t “a man of the people,” then let those old misgivings rest. When the Vice President visited the devastation in Duryea, Pennsylvania, he wore his heart on his sleeve and was seen hugging residents and offering encouragement to rebuild their lives once again when they thought they couldn’t go on.

In one particularly heartfelt scene, he told Jimmy Pliska, “Yeah, you can come back. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you can come back. I’m telling you, you could come back. There’s a lot of help, so hang on. This is no time to give up. Would he [your grandfather] give up?  He’d be back building it so you’ve got to come back and build it.”

Look at these touching photos from his trip:

9/17: Joe Biden Outlines Medicaid Cost-Cutting Plan

Joe outlined the administration’s plan to eliminate $2.1 billion in Medicare waste and fraud over the next five years. Using a similar plan, they’ve already eliminated $670 million this year. According to Biden, “We can make our government more efficient and responsible to the American people. If we’re going to spur jobs and economic growth and restore long-term fiscal solvency, we need to make sure hard-earned tax dollars don’t go to waste.”

9/20: Joe Biden, Scott Brown Keep It Light

Joe Biden is a betting man… but he doesn’t always win. Months ago, he bet Senator Scott Brown “a case of beer” that he had McCain’s vote for the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty. When McCain’s vote came in a “nay,” the VEEP stuck to his word and sent Brown’s favorite beer (Bud Light) to him on his birthday with a note that said “This is long overdue.”

9/21: Maliki, Biden Discuss U.S. Training Troops Presence after 2011

Biden chats it up with his pal Maliki by phone about drawing down troops in Iraq.

9/22: Vice President Joe Biden touts jobs bill in Solon visit

Joe stopped at the new Wrap-Tite plant in Ohio, which was made possible through a $1.5 million Small Business Administration grant. The facility will make plastic wrap for shipping palettes. The Vice President emphasized the need for the new Jobs Act to pass in Congress. “We can either keep 280,000 teachers in their classrooms, or we can preserve tax loopholes for oil and gas companies. We can either keep cops and firefighters on the job, or we can keep giving corporate jet owners special tax breaks,” Biden said.

9/22: Biden coming in for fundraiser

You thought the $5,000 breakfast was expensive? Biden made a brief stop at the Charleston Place Hotel in South Carolina for an exclusive $35,800 dinner for ten special people. The money raised goes toward the “Obama Victory Fund” for re-election.

9/22: Stimulus could haunt Sheriff Biden

Did the Vice President drop the ball on Solyndra, a bankrupt solar power company that squandered $535 million taxpayer dollars? Many people are wondering how much other waste was missed in Sheriff Biden’s review.

9/23: Vice President Joe Biden in South Florida today; motorcade to affect traffic

It’s getting to be that season again. The Vice President has the uphill battle of drumming up support for his President during difficult economic times where people are one step away from flooding the streets shouting “Show me the money!”

9/27: Joe Biden to visit ‘The View,’ focus on dating violence

As you know, Sheriff Joe is author of the Violence Against Women Act and a strong advocate against domestic violence and date rape. He showed up to “The View” to discuss these very issues for an episode that will air Tuesday, September 27th at 11 AM.


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  1. J F says:

    I believe joe biden is missing a few marbles in his head. Talks like a babbling lunatic

    • vicepresidents says:

      Joe Biden’s a rare beast on Capitol Hill, that’s for sure! He speaks colloquially… off-the-cuff… from the heart. We’re not really used to that style in Washington. We haven’t seen such an unscripted VP since Dan Quayle.

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