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So far the VP has been mum about the current health care controversy. He’s not one to say “I told you so.” But Oh Barack, why didn’t you listen to the sage-like advice of Joe Biden? According to Bloomberg News, the Vice President warned that the health care mandate to cover birth control would “be seen as a government intrusion on religious institutions.” He warned that even moderate Catholic voters may be alienated by the move. Turns out her was right… dead right!

Wednesday, February 1st: “American companies that went abroad … they’re learning that the most productive workers in the world are found right here in Grand Rapids, right here in Michigan and right here in the United States… It’s just reality,” Biden said to a crowd of 200 at a Grand Rapids, Michigan manufacturing plant.

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Thursday, February 2nd: Joe Biden was one of 3,000 attendees to the annual National Prayer Breakfast.

Thursday, February 2nd: Joe Biden is once again in attack mode this month. Despite his affable nature, he doesn’t hesitate to pull out the claws and call people out by name. ”Being in the middle class is not a matter of income. It’s where you can own your own home, in a decent neighborhood, make sure your kids do good in school so you can send them off to community college, a trade school, or college, where you can take care of your parents, and where you can put enough away so your kids won’t have to take care of you,” he said to more than 700 unionists at the Communications Workers’ Legislative-Political Conference.

He said that GOP presidential hopefuls like Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich “don’t get it.” Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell also doesn’t get it, he added. ”That bargain has been broken. The Republicans don’t have an idea how to fix it,” he said. ”They’re not bad guys, but they don’t realize there’s a problem. Instead of realizing the bargain has been broken, the Scott Walkers, John Kasichs, Rick Scotts, and the Mitch Danielses go out and look for scapegoats – the unions,” Biden declared. The battle royale for union workers’ votes is on!

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Photos from Tallahassee: The Veep can even hold a smile with a screaming baby in his arms. (Photo Courtesy of AP)

Monday, February 6th: The VP spoke to a group of students at Florida State University to discuss the administration’s plan for college affordability, which includes extending the $2,500/year tuition tax credit, doubling the number of work-study jobs over the next five years and stopping interest rates from doubling on 7.4 million student loans this year. They are also proposing a “Race to the Top” grant program for states that pledge not to cut funding on higher education.

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Joe Biden speaks at Florida State University (Photo by AP)

Joe Biden Quote: “Plato once said ‘education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire,’ … I promise you, high school students, you’ll be surprised what a spark will burn for your entire lifetime if you get a college degree.”

Tuesday, February 7th: VP Biden spoke with Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping prior to his scheduled visit. Xi told Biden he hoped to reach mutual understanding on a broad range of issues (from US weapon sales to Taiwan and Iran’s nuclear program to North Korea and Syria). Biden assured him that the administration attaches great importance to his visit and he looks forward to developing bilateral cooperation.

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biden beerThursday, February 9th: Joe delivered remarks at the Ohio Newspaper Association convention in Columbus. America should welcome the “Asian tigers” and Europe, the Vice President said. He added, “With or without Barack Obama, I am absolutely convinced that America is better positioned than any other nation in the world to be the leading economy in the world providing Americans with decent jobs. I’m absolutely convinced that Americans are regaining their confidence about their ability to do that. It will not happen until they believe it’s in their reach. It’s becoming apparent it’s within their reach.” He added that China and Russia may produce great engineers and scientists, but they can never reach an American level of economic growth because they lack a free press and educational system that challenges government. “Change only comes through ideas…. You’ve been the keeper of that flame since the founding of this republic,” he told the media in his 44-minute speech. This marks his second visit to the Ohio battleground state in less than a month.


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